Living Financially Smarter

Financially Smarter Tools

Financially Smarter Life Style:

Some of the concerns my clients bring up are how they can increase their net worth and cash flow, how to improve their financial IQ, how to invest in Israel, how to implement a budget, and how to better manage their current and future finances. But these are not the only areas we can explore together.

The "Financially Smarter" lifestyle Principals:

I will:

  1. Live within my means
  2. Live with financial clarity
  3. Invest in myself
  4. Invest my money
  5. Talk openly and positively about money
  6. Make sure my loved ones will be OK if something happens to me
  7. Build wealth and future financial security
  8. Bear no bad debt, pay off each month
  9. Save at least 10% of my income
  10. Tithe and be generous to others with my time and money

About Rifka

Like you I want to live a meaningful life, I don't want to worry about money. I live a financially smarter life (not a frugal one) and inspire and work with others to do the same.

Financial Services

  • Personal Finance Consultations. In-person/Skype/Phone
  • Financial Planning
  • Ongoing Care of your Finances
  • Speaker on Personal Finance, Banking and Small Business Finance in Israel
  • Small Business Finance & Increasing Cash Flow
  • Pre-Aliya Start out financially smart in Israel


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